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The amount of time needed also depends whether or not the type of application applied for will have to go before the commission prior to receiving a license. You may not begin working as a CRE until your application has been completed. If you get a message that indicates "no record", then the application probably has not been received or ,icense in the system.

A business representative will be asked to attend the Commission meeting to answer any questions that the Commissioners might have regarding the business establishment. Consultation with tribal leaders File first rules package. The length of time needed for processing depends on the complexity of the file, and what gamblingg of license you apply for. Contact a Customer Service Specialist to register for the on-line services. It will be available once again at 8:

Washington State Gambling Commission. Add an Activity to an Existing License Permit Application for Non-Profit Organizations to Conduct Bingo at. backgrounds from obtaining a gambling license or working in a licensed establishment. The Gambling License Certification Program is an investigative process. Status can be checked on the WSGC (Washington State Gambling To check the status of your new application, go to "License Status Check".

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